Alaska DHA Elections

Hello Alaska RDH’s!
This is your final reminder and call for candidates information to be sent to me no later than October 15th if you want your name pre-printed on the November 11th Alaska DHA ballot.
Please plan on attending the full day CE event on November 11th.
Otherwise, interested candidates who do not send me candidate information by the October 15th deadline will need to be nominated during the November 11th Alaska DHA Business meeting as a write-in candidate.
Voting will take place after an opportunity has been given for nominations so please hold your vote until the end of the business meeting!
Alaska DHA Elections on November 11th are for Delegate term 2017-2019; Treasurer term 2017-2019; and Vice President/President Elect to complete term 2016-2018.
VP/President Elect will then automatically succeed to President of Alaska DHA for term 2018-2020 without election per Alaska DHA Bylaws.
Don’t forget to bring an item for our silent auction tables!
Also, Royann will be collecting donations of tote bags, socks, hats, gloves, and/or toiletries to make care bags for Beans Cafe.
Please email me if you have any questions about positions or candidate information: Don’t be shy folks!
It is an honor and my pleasure to serve you.
Lisa Bryant, RDH, BSDH
President, Alaska DHA

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