Emergency Medicine in Dentistry & Renaissance in Local Anesthesia by Dr. Stanley Malamed

Emergency Medicine in Dentistry & Renaissance in Local Anesthesia

by Dr. Stanley Malamed
Friday and Saturday, January 27 and 28, 2017.

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m

Embassy Suites Hotel
600 E. Benson Boulevard
Anchorage, AK  99503


Emergency Medicine in Dentistry

Life-threatening emergencies can occur any time, any where and to any one.

Such situations are somewhat more likely to occur within the confines of the dental office due to the increased level of stress which is so often present. In this course Dr. Malamed will discuss the areas which are considered vital to a proper understanding of emergency medicine: prevention, preparation, and recognition and management. This will include a discussion of preparation involving the office and staff and includes a thorough review of the office emergency kit (drugs and equipment). Additionally, it will include the recognition and management of specific emergency situations and includes the management of unconciousness, respiratory distress, seizures, drug-related emergencies, and chest pain. This course is designed for all members of the dental office staff, not just the doctor and chairside personnel. Situations discussed here can happen outside of the dental environment as well as in the office. EVERYONE SHOULD BE PREPARED! It is strongly recommended that ALL members of the dental office staff attend this program


Renaissance in Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia forms the backbone of pain control techniques in contemporary dental practice.

The subject of pain control in dentistry has undergone a renewal in interest, a renaissance. In this program Doctor Malamed will present an in-depth discussion of the many aspects of this important area of daily dental practice. A major area of interest has been in the introduction of new local anesthetics, such as articaine, as well as the recently released local anesthetic nasal mist for anesthesia of maxillary non-molar teeth; the local anesthesia reversal drug – phentolamine mesylate – and buffered local anesthetics, producing a more rapid onset, more comfortable injection and more profound anesthesia. These and other areas of current research into improving pain control will be discussed.

Local anesthetics are the safest & most effective drugs in medicine for the prevention & management of pain – when used correctly. Dr. Malamed will also discuss – in depth – “Is the Mandibular Block passe?” reviewing alternative techniques such as the Gow-Gates mandibular nerve block, intraosseous anesthesia, and the use of articaine by mandibular infiltration in adult patients.

For complete course information, and to register, please visit InternationalDentalSeminars.com or telephone their office at 626-286-6657


Register early as this course sells out!


malamed bags

Thank you to all who donated time and products in support of Royann Royer’s Bean’s bags for the homeless.  Fifty bags were packed and delivered to Bean’s Cafe to be given to those less fortunate.  The Alaska DHA Fall CE/Business Meeting is pleased to be an annual collection site for this community effort.

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